About Me

I’m Anna Willitt and I live on the Somerset Levels near Taunton with my three dogs Finn, Fly and puppy Florrie.

I started my training journey in agility with my Springer Poppy (who passed away in 2020) as a young dog and was quickly hooked. We started competing but had to stop after she was diagnosed with spondylosis and arthritis.

After discovering my younger dog Finn also has some physical issues which makes agility an unsuitable sport for him, I looked for other activities that both dogs could take part in. I was lucky to find hoopers and scentwork, both sports that are suitable for all breeds and physical abilities.

Poppy and Finn both took to hoopers amazingly well and absolutely love it, more than they did agility. I’ve been teaching it since 2017, and competing since competitions started in 2018. Poppy won the UK Hoopers veterans league at 12 years old with an amazing number of points, and got a clear round in the CHUK National Finals in 2020. I distance handle with Finn, a skill we’re improving on all the time, and our results are steadily getting more consistent. I teach using CHUK and Hooperholics methods and compete with both organisations.

Scentwork has been amazing for all my dogs, while I mainly use it at home to keep their brains working, Finn has competed in Scentwork UK trials, qualifying in Level 2. I’m a Scentwork UK Level 1-4 trainer and teach classes both for fun and for those wanting to participate in trials.

I’m also a canine massage therapist and member of the Canine Massage Guild so you can be sure that I’ll not ask your dogs to do anything that will be physically harmful to them. For more information on canine massage check out my website - Somerset Canine Massage - below.