Hoopers is a low impact form of agility, with flowing courses making it suitable for nearly all dogs regardless of breed, age or physical ability. Obstacles consist of hoops, barrels, a contact mat, and wide straight tunnels, and the aim is to complete a course with your dog working independently a distance away from you.

I work with dogs and handlers from beginner level up to competition. My aim is always to give you the skills to work with your dog at a distance, but what that means will be unique to you and your dog, I’ll work with you as an individual. Owner or dog mobility issues are no problem as exercises can be adapted to meet your needs.

I am a Canine Hoopers UK accredited instructor, and am working towards being a Hooperholics UK instructor, I use methods and exercises from both these organisations as well as using my previous agility experience.

Classes are about having fun and building a bond with your dog. There is no pressure to compete, but I always aim to train to competition standard so that obstacles and exercises are safe for you and your dog, and so you’ll be prepared if you do decide to compete, as many of my current students do.


Sunday Afternoons

Paws4teaching, Partridge Close, Greinton. Classes for beginners through to competing dogs.

Current classes are full, next block starts 9th January. Spaces for more advanced dogs are rarely advertised, please get in touch if you’re interested. To book available classes go to PAWS FOR TEACHING 

Wednesday’s and Friday’s

Little Orchard Dog Training, Gills Lane, Rooksbridge, BS26 2TZ. Classes working towards bronze,silver or gold CHUK awards, as well as course running and handling. Classes run from beginners to competition level, check the LITTLE ORCHARD website for upcoming courses. Not all classes will be advertised, so do get in touch if you’re interested in starting.