Scentwork is an activity that harnesses your dogs amazing sense of smell and uses it to find and indicate specific scents.

Our dogs spend a lot of time sniffing, it gives them information about the world as well as being an incredibly enjoyable but calming activity. By taking something your dog enjoys and is naturally great at, and turning it into an activity you can do together, you can create a deeper bond with your dog.

When you start Scentwork, your dog will be learning how to search for a specific scent, searching in different areas and different set ups, and developing their problem solving ability. I’ll work with you to develop a passive indication (meaning your dog freezes when they identify the scent) appropriate to your dog, usually a nose target.

There is no pressure to compete, scentwork is an activity you can easily do at home with limited space, time and equipment. Searches can be over a large space outside, or can just take a couple of minutes in your kitchen. A few interesting searches can easily tire your dog out and calm them down far more than a half an hour walk would.

I’m a Scentwork UK instructor and will teach to trial standard so that if you do ever wish to compete, you and your dog have the skills to do so. We’ll also explore the skills needed for the newer Nosework Games, which provide a different fun challenge, but still using the same scent and indication.

Information on trials can be found on the SCENTWORK UK website


Tuesday Evenings

SWAT Dogs , Coppice Gate Farm, Shapwick, TA7 9NT. Suitable for complete beginners up to Level 2 Scentwork UK. If you have previous experience with a different organisation or are working with different scent please get in touch with me before booking to see if the classes are suitable for you. 

Currently full, if you wish to be added to the waiting list, then email direct to SWATDOGS UK

Wednesday Afternoon

Little Orchard Dog Training, Gills Lane, Rooksbridge, BS26 2TZ. 

Currently full, if you’re interested in future classes please contact me.

Workshops and other search venues

One off workshops either introducing scent or working on specific skills are sometimes available, keep an eye out here and on Facebook or get in touch if there’s something you’d like to do that I haven’t yet advertised. 

I’m hoping to offer searches at unique and interesting venues very soon, again keep an eye out here and on Facebook. And if you know of a venue that you think would be fun to search at, please get in touch, I’m really keen to find new locations.